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Free  PHP CRUD Tutorial (part 1)

This is the part 1 of 3 in PHP CRUD tutorial. PHP CRUD tutorial (part 1) PHP CRUD tu...

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Free  How to build a web calendar in PHP

Calendar is a very common element in today's web applications. Whether you are building an ev...

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Free  PHP/cURL

There are some definitional misunderstandings when developers say cUrl in PHP, or libcurl in PHP...

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Free  PHP File Upload Tutorial (part 1)

Uploading file is a common feature in today's PHP applications. You will first have to understa...

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Free  PHPUnit Beginner Part 1: Get Started

This is the part 1 of 3 in PHPUnit Beginner. PHPUnit Beginner Part 1: Get Started ...

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Free  Resumable file upload (part 1)

This is the part 1 of 2 in Resumable file upload. Resumable file upload (part 1) Resum...

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Free  Master PHP Array Functions

You are probably using array every day as a PHP developer, because it is the default collection t...

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Free  Master PHP DateTime

It's a common task to work with date and time as a web developer. If you are still using func...

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Free  5 New Features In PHP 7 That You Should Have A Look At

PHP is by far, the most preferred programming language. But is PHP 7 the most exciting ...

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